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Travel Photographer

“Done laid around, done stayed around
This old town too long
And it seems like I’ve got to travel on”

Bob Dylan – Gotta Travel On

B  A  D  A  S  S



Dog Photography

Music Photography
Fine Art


If you see any photos on this website that you would like to have as a print or on canvas or any other medium, OR if you would like to get a quote for a dog session, OR if you would just like to receive my latest news about my travels and my music photography, contact me.

Cynthia Hurt

Cynthia Hurt

Cynthia Hurt

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I've been a fine arts photographer since the age of the darkroom... lots of animals, birds, and bugs.  I dappled a little in commercial and wedding photography but nothing was more challenging and enjoyable than making my own art.


Five years ago, I was gently nudged into the world of music photography and have had the pleasure of photographing and meeting many remarkable musicians.

A couple of years ago, I started doing dog photography and completely fell in love with it!  If I am in your area (or even if I'm not), contact me for a quote.

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